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Data Processing & List Management

List Management Services

Effective direct mail marketing is an art form. You need the ability to leverage your customer data, develop an effective marketing campaign and deliver that campaign to the right person at the right time. New Channel Direct’s list management services include intelligent segmentation, data enhancement, suppression services and geocoding.

Intelligent Segmentation

New Channel Direct offers what we term “intelligent segmentation”, also referred to as list fulfillment or file segmentation. We can segment your customer database according to demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. Mailings targeted to a segmented group increase sales and reduce mailing costs.

Data Enhancement

Learn more about your prospects and increase your direct mail effectiveness. New Channel Direct offers data enhancement services that flesh out your existing database by adding valuable information to records you already have.

As with most databases, your customer information may be limited to name and address. Through the use of our multiple channels, we can increase the depth and complexity of your database by adding information such as gender, age, household income, latitude and longitude, telephone numbers, SIC codes, and NAICS codes and more. The more you enhance your customer data, the more you can effectively target your market and turn advertising dollars into sales.

List Management Samples

Suppression Services

Suppression files allow you to omit a select group of customers from your direct mail campaigns without altering your original database. Reasons to omit communications may include do-not-mail requests, unresponsive customers, prospects only and bad debt. Your main data is kept intact, while the suppression list omits select names from a particular mailing, reducing printing costs and lowering overall postage.


Target your marketing efforts more effectively by finding prospects based on geographic location. Geocoding, also known as geomapping or radius mapping, assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to each address based on zip code + 4. These coordinates are then used to map a radius between the customer and store location, and census information is integrated to further refine the database to the target demographic. Geocoding is useful in attracting customers and prospects to a new store location or promoting a sales event.

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