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Postal Optimization

Maximize postage savings for even the most complex mailings with New Channel Direct’s postal optimization services. We know what it takes to achieve the best possible postage savings. We offer presorted first-class and standard bulk rate, drop shipping, even comingling and copalletization services. We’ll suggest the most economical way to get your message to market.

When designing a promotional campaign, it is important to keep in mind the cost of postage as well as the deliverability. New Channel Direct is here to help. We can review your mail piece design and assist you in obtaining lower postage rates while maintaining the integrity of your marketing materials.


IMB – Intelligent Mail Barcodes

In May, 2011, the USPS will be phasing out the current Postnet Barcodes and updating to the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs). IMBs expand mail tracking capabilities and offer maximum postal savings. This information can help businesses better manage their resources, reduce operating and marketing expenses, adapt to market conditions, increase efficiencies, and be more responsive to customers.

IMBs are made up of four distinct bars: the full bar, the ascender, the trackers, and the descender. They offer a more effective alternative to existing barcodes by increasing the amount of information that is present on letter and flat mail pieces, allowing for expanded tracking capability, and creating greater visibility in the mail stream. The Intelligent Mail barcode is a height-modulated barcode that encodes up to a 31-digit string of mail piece data into 65 vertical bars.

New Channel Direct can implement IMBs in place of Postnet Barcodes. We also offer extended IMB services including:

IMBs allow for more information to be handled in roughly the same amount of space as Postnet Barcodes. Below is an example of what the new barcode looks like and how it can simplify the look of your mail piece.

First-Class Mail letter with Destination Confirm service, belonging to Mailer ID 123456, uniquely identified by Serial Number 200800001, going to ZIP Code 12345-6789, will look like:

Postal Optimization Sample

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