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Data Processing & List Management Storage & Warehouse Services

Data Warehouse & Storage Services

The security and status of your mailing list is another key component to its usefulness. Whether we acquire a mailing list for you, or you supply a list, what happens after we perform data hygiene services and execute your marketing campaign? Where does that updated data go? Where is it stored and is it being stored securely? New Channel Direct has the tools, resources, and know-how to store and warehouse your data so it will be ready when you need it, and how you need it.

We not only store and warehouse your entire mailing list, but your house suppression files as well. These files allow us to omit a select group of customers or house prospects from direct mail campaigns without altering your original database. Your main data is kept intact, while the suppression list keeps your mailing from going to unlikely prospects, thereby cutting costs.

Storage & Warehouse Services

We also ensure that your data is securely stored in a climate-controlled environment, with restricted access and video surveillance, as well as scheduled daily backups. New Channel Direct conforms to data security procedures meeting federal and industry privacy standards.

Your current clients and prospect lists are a large part of your business. New Channel Direct is here to help and support your Data Processing and List Management needs. We’ve been helping clients for years manage their data efficiently and effectively, bringing them a greater return on their direct marketing investments.

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