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Inkjet Examples Direct Mail Inkjet Services

Inkjet Services

Maximize the return on your direct mail investment by partnering with the experts in inkjet services. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art facilities, we have the knowledge and equipment to get your project noticed so recipients read your message — and act on it.

Inkjet Capabilities

Mailing Indicias

A postal indicia is a mark that is usually printed directly on a piece of mail to signify that postage has already been paid. For large batches of mail, this saves a considerable amount time compared to applying postage to each piece.

The postal service has rules regarding the use of indicias. Click here to read the complete U.S. Postal Services' rules and guidelines for use of indicias.

  1. Class should be indicated, for example: “First-Class”, “First-Class Presorted”, or “PRSRT STD” for Standard Rate.
  2. Include the words "U.S. Postage Paid".
  3. Indicate the city and state where the permit is held.
  4. Include the word "Permit" along with the permit number.
  5. Indicia must be printed in the upper right corner from the delivery address.

We recommend that the indicia measures 1" x 3/4" and be set in all-caps, sans serif type. We prefer that your mail be pre-printed with the appropriate mailing indicia. For your convenience, you will find several indicia examples below. You can use your permit number or ours. Call 877.330.MAIL for our permit number.

Inkjet Sample 1

You can also create indicias that resemble metered mail, which can increase customer response. This type of indicia also needs to follow the postal service guidelines above.

Inkjet Sample 2

Inkjet Sample 3

Inkjet Sample 4

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