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Direct Mail Variable Data Printing

Personalized Direct Mail /
Variable Data Printing

One-to-one marketing has a proven track record of success, and New Channel Direct has been helping clients personalize their direct mail since the introduction of variable data printing (VDP). Our experts can help you increase response rates by targeting your offer to individual customers through personalized greetings and content.

With personalized direct mail, New Channel Direct puts your data to work for you, allowing you to customize text and graphics. Your materials look similar, but not identical, with personalized content intended for each recipient.

Personalized Direct Mail can be used to customize a wide range of direct mail projects, including postcards, letters, brochures, coupons and much more. Without customized marketing materials, it can be difficult to stand out. Personalized communication can help increase readership, response rate, and return on your investment.

For personalized direct mail to succeed, you need good, solid data about your prospects and customers. Our Data Processing & List Management experts can help you refine your existing data and develop strategies to gather more information about your current and prospect customers.

Personalized Direct Mail Examples

Pre-Printed or Coordinated Printing

We have extensive capacity to personalize your pre-printed materials whether roll or cut sheet. If you need creative services and printing we will be happy to provide these.

Personalized Direct Mail Capabilities

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