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Even though donations to nonprofit organizations are at an all time low, New Channel Direct’s Integrated Multichannel Services can help increase donations with the right combination of marketing solutions.

In a recent survey, 40% of charitable organizations and private foundations said contributions declined during the first five months of 2010, compared to the same period the year before. The respondents indicated a decline in both the number of individual contributions and the size of the donations. The reason for this decline is not just the economy; the number of nonprofit organizations has increased 31.5% between 1999 to 2009. This has caused more competition for fewer available dollars.

Today’s average consumer can be bombarded with 3,000 to 4,000 commercial messages each day! To get noticed among all this advertising clutter, nonprofits need to take a new approach to marketing. Integrated multichannel marketing is a great way to engage new, younger donors for a lifetime of giving. Our solutions can help nonprofits do more with less money, less time, and fewer resources.

New Channel Direct Offers Six Great Marketing Solutions that Help Nonprofits Stand Out from the Crowd and Secure More Donations

1. Data Processing & List Management

The first step to maximize the response rate of your marketing efforts is to make sure you have a quality mailing list. Maintaining accurate, up-to-date information is critical to the success of your campaigns. Your customer database is one of your most important assets because accurate lists save time and money. With New Channel Direct’s advanced Data Processing & List Management Services, you can track trends and analyze data to determine who gives the most often and why they donate, so you can divert more resources to the most successful types of marketing.

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2. Direct Mail Marketing

Backed by decades of experience, our comprehensive direct mail services mean that your project will quickly and economically reach your target audience. Using the latest technology, we take your direct mail project from start to finish, delivering your campaign to the right donors while saving you valuable resources.

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3. Personalized URLs

Engage your donors with PURLs (personalized URLs) that feature individualized messages and calls-to-action. Since PURLs are customized based on each donor’s profile, they are a great way to boost your response rate. PURL campaigns can include incentivized surveys and questionnaires, which can add valuable data to your mailing list. PURLs help you gather more detailed information to build more effective campaigns. PURLS can also help you provide quick responses to donor feedback, help develop trust, and help build relationships with donors.

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4. QR Codes

Get donors instantly involved by using QR (Quick Response) codes. A QR code is a matrix-style code that is readable by smartphones, camera phones and QR scanners. QR codes can store information, including URLs, text, phone numbers, and more. Donors can access quick links to your nonprofit website, social media pages, online forms or promotions. You can even incorporate QR Codes at fundraisers or other networking events for greater interactivity.

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5. Targeted Email Marketing

Frequent email messages keep your name in the donor’s mind. Nonprofits use email marketing to prompt donor action, send monthly donation requests, or supplement print marketing campaigns. In addition to requests for donations, email newsletters can also deliver updates about how donors’ money has been used. A recent survey indicated that 51% of people would give more if they knew how their money was spent and 40% would do so if they could actually see the difference their money was making. Email messages generate trust by letting donors know how they made a difference. New Channel Direct offers highly customized, targeted messages that are developed for your nonprofit’s unique needs. We design, program and deliver your email campaign to your contacts, according to your schedule.

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6. Mobile Text Messaging

For the first time in the US history, text messaging ranked alongside websites and solicitation calls as a primary means to donate. Text message marketing is a great way to ensure that your message will be read. The high success rate is largely due to the fact that over 90% of all text messages are typically read within three minutes of being received. To date, the best example of a successful text messaging program is the $26 million donated to the American Red Cross within nine days of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

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Successful nonprofit organizations use integrated marketing channels to deliver a consistent message to donors. Multiple channels work together to produce a higher return than any single channel alone. Let New Channel Direct help you reach donors in the most effective ways possible.

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