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Personalized URL Customized Reporting Services

Customized Reporting Services

Detailed reporting is where New Channel Direct’s (PURL) campaigns truly shine. Our in-depth tracking capabilities give you insight into the activities of your customers and prospects, so you can make the necessary adjustments to improve ROI. Watch the movements of individual respondents, or discover trends across multiple performance indicators — whatever your angle, our reporting will reveal information about your direct marketing campaigns that you’ve never had before.

Personalized URL (PURL) Tracking

Our reporting system is easy-to-use, regardless of your skill level, so you don’t have to be an analytics professional to understand what’s happening in your campaigns. With our campaign summaries, you get top level information on your campaign’s response rates and visits, so you always have the latest information on your campaigns. Then, with our detailed visitor reports, you can analyze who is responding to your campaign in incredible detail.

Microsite Landing Page Tracking

Landing page tracking enables you to make informed business decisions so you can optimize response rates in future campaigns.

Sample Reports

Landing Page Tracking Reports

Landing Page Tracking Reports Sample

Survey Analysis

A Personalized URL (PURL) based survey is approximately 1/3 the cost of a phone bank survey and much more accurate. You can take advantage of the incredible power and accuracy of these Personalized URL (PURL) based surveys. Analyze survey and form information at a glance or in incredible detail with our Survey Analysis Reports.



Sample Reports

Detailed Survey Information

Detailed Survey Information Sample

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