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Personalized URL marketing (PURL)

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Personalized URLs

Personalized URLs

What if you could take your marketing to the next level, sending your customers to a personalized website with content reflecting their individual tastes, while also gathering valuable data for future campaigns? If this sounds too good to be true, let New Channel Direct introduce you to Personalized URLs (PURLs).

How Personalized URLs Work

Click here to for an in-depth look at how Personalized URLs (PURLs) work

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are Personalized Uniform Resource Locators, unique website addresses inserted into targeted marketing campaigns. They look like regular website addresses, with one important distinction: they use the recipient’s name in the address. For example,


Sample Personalized URL (PURL)

Advantages of Personalized URL (PURL) Campaigns

Studies have shown that Personalized URLs (PURLs) are eye-catching and irresistible, effectively boosting response rates, and your customers and prospects will be no exception. Personalized URL (PURL) campaigns from New Channel Direct allow you to open a direct dialog with members of your target audience, and campaigns that include incentivized surveys and questionnaires are ideal for increasing the depth and complexity of your existing mailing list. In addition, Personalized URL (PURL) campaigns produce very detailed tracking data, so you can quickly respond to customer feedback and build even more targeted campaigns.

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